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Last update 6th December 2020

with Mike & Margaret


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UPDATE for Route 66 Worthing Dance Classes

Christmas greetings to every one of you and your families. Please stay safe and well over the festive season and we look forward to seeing you all some time in the New Year. 

Well what can we say about 2020 thatís not been said. The year has sadly been a bit of a disaster for Margaret and I. It was our 50th wedding anniversary and we had a surprise party lined up for you all with Rancher live on stage at Davison. We had a great anniversary holiday to Canada and Alaska booked and paid for. We had a short holiday to Benidorm booked and of course our IoW Tours Turkey Twinkle weekend in Eastbourne. All cancelled because of this dreadful virus. Best laid plans, etc etc. 

As most of you know, Margaret is on the highly vulnerable list with her respiratory issues and the year has proved to be highly stressful for us both. We have not danced since March and kept a very low profile for most of the year. Our hopes rest on a national vaccine before life can return to normal for us. 

However, lockdown has given us time to reflect on our future for the next decade. Our 2 children and their families live permanently in Melbourne, Australia and we see them in person only every few years, which is of course not very satisfactory and we are not getting any younger. We feel the time is now right to downsize our dancing activities and spend more time with our family. This decision has been aided by our main venue Davison, advising me that there will be no more private hire of school premises for the foreseeable future. This of course means no more live country music socials or classes there. 
A sad day for us all Iím afraid. Thank you to all our live acts who have entertained us 
over many years. 

We must now wait until 2021 and see how life returns to some sort of normality and in particular the vaccine we are all waiting for. We hope to be able to resume some degree of line dancing, but this will depend on the economics of venue availability, overheads, Covid19 restrictions, health and of course demand. Fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, please stay safe and follow the guidelines. Margaret and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thanks again to Rob for keeping our website active during the pandemic and putting out our messages to you all. 

Mike and Margaret 
December 2020

Mike and Margaret were in a Best Western Hotel Documentary
on Channel 4 Tuesday 19th May at 9pm, try and see it 
on catch up if you can


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Mike & Margaret are members of the Country & Western Dance Council 'CWDC' (UK) 
Registered with Equity & Members of the British Country Music Club