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Last update 29th March 2021

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UPDATE for Route 66

Since returning to the UK in 1992 from our time living in Hong Kong, we have always had a passion for running a country western dance club with live music. We did this very successfully with Route 66, using Davison High School in Worthing as our base.

Sadly the Covid Pandemic has affected every one of us, probably in many different personal ways. We last danced together in March 2020 (remember the Tony Rouse evening) and since then life has been a succession of groundhog days.

For Margaret and I lockdown has given us time to reflect on our personal situation and destiny. We miss our children and grandchildren in Melbourne, Australia desperately and lockdown has made us realise we need to spend more quality time with them. Also more time spent in warmer climates will have beneficial effects on Margaretís respiratory issues, which tend to be worse in the damp English winter.

Whilst dancing continues to be a passion for us both, with its health benefits and social contacts, sadly we feel that we can no longer provide the commitment and financial requirements to run line dance classes and live social music events on a regular basis. The decision by Davison High School not to allow public social music events for the present time, was also a blow to us.

We intend to keep dancing and look forward to seeing and socialising with as many of you as possible on the dance floor, at one social event or another. To help finance our changes in personal circumstances, we have decided to downsize and have sold our large 4 bedroom house on Grand Avenue, to move to a more modest and modern 2 bedroom apartment in nearby Lancing, close to the sea.

We hope that like us, you agree that Route 66 has been a great ride and experience, providing us all with some fantastic memories to look back upon, particularly those fabulous holidays to Benidorm and our IoW Tours weekends with Oli and Geoff. Sadly nothing stays the same forever, but the future should always shine bright. Thank you to each and every one of you reading this for enriching our lives together.

Best wishes to you all

Mike and Margaret
March 2021